Joomla is one of the most widely adopted content management systems in the world. It enables even the least technically competent to become successful webmasters and take control of their own sites. The days of needing skilled labor to publish content are now a thing of the past.

One of the greatest strengths of Joomla is the vast number of custom components that can take your basic website and add features with little effort that can totally reshape and add features not included out of the box. While the Joomla Marketplace is stuffed with solutions for a wide variety of needs; they are typically designed to appeal to a broad group of needs.

MarqOne is not interested in becoming your webmaster; we are interested in building custom integrated Joomla solutions built your specific needs and requirements. Past examples of work include integrating a custom database with front end access for visitors and a intuitive back end interface for maintaining entries in the custom fields. For a software company a custom software registration system was designed to track purchases, generate demo license keys and assist with auditing installs. We have also had experience integrating custom systems for managing documents, papers and books based on specific client requirements.

Do you have a very specific need? A want to integrate Joomla with other software packages? Need to modify an existing component. Allow MarqOne’s years of experience with Joomla work for you.